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About Me

Hello there! I am Lisa Burgos, Nice to meet you! I love to perform and tell stories! When I went to Kean University for my BA in Theatre I learned that I love to make people laugh. I believe my purpose in life is to take care of people and if that means to bring people joy or to transport them into a story through theatre then I believe I am completing my purpose. I believe Theatre heals and makes us aware of how human we are and love being part of that process!

What I love about performing are the connections made between the performers and the audience. As a storyline unravels, the audience chooses which characters they trust and distrust. They rely on the performers onstage to take them along their journeys and share a piece of themselves on the way. The theatre is a place where miracles happen and I am grateful to be part of the experience whenever I am fortunate enough!

  When I'm not storytelling , I'm usually traveling to China from the comfort of my own bedroom! I teach Chinese students from ages 4-14 English with the ESL Company VIPKID. I have found joy in educating the sweetest students who are across the world from me. 

 In my spare time I usually can't stay away from creating art . I have a webcomic with my boyfriend called Latina and the Mutt where we post weekly comics about our life. I can usually be found making music, writing stories and filming and editing Youtube videos where I share a slice of my life, advice, and tunes on my ukulele. 

I also love to learn! Im always trying new things! A few months ago, I learned the martial art Krav Maga and recently I started taking hip hop classes! These are my two current favorite things to do, as I never thought I could see myself doing it!

This is just a small slice of my life written in a few paragraphs!  If you would like to get to know more about me, follow my youtube channel and instagram! I am excited for the journey ahead of me and am excited to share stories on stage and screen for audiences to connect to.



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